words and pictures about life with my three boys




I have finally accepted that summer is indeed over and I am once again falling in love with fall. it is my very favourite season here in New England and with good reason. this weekend we went to a local apple farm where you catch a hayride out to pick your own apples. we had the most amazing day.

it’s been a while but this is what we have been up to lately ………


checkin out fire-trucks in town…..riding  the T….. Honk festival in Cambridge….. a bathroom break…. looking for new tunes….. these bands were freakin amazing.

yesterday our home county’s Gaelic football team were playing in the all-Ireland football final and so we and a collection of our new U.S. and Irish friends got together and partied….hard. our team lost but that didn’t stop us.  we ate, danced, sang and were merry. I managed to get my hands on some of the Irish things we like and miss eating and oh boy did we have fun.