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We are all so excited for the Olympic Opening Ceremony this evening. Looks like Banksy has Olympic Fever too.

Have a sporting weekend everyone x


poor Tommie has been very sick with a tummy bug. yesterday we tried to find things online to make him smile, even just a little. we came across this on vimeo and were really surprised he liked it. he wants to watch it over and over and laughs out loud each time. He thinks Marcel is hilarious.

I have to admit, I like Marcel too. Niall and Conall don’t ‘get it’.

Check out this interview ‘meet Marcel, things about me ‘. I love him even more after reading that !

took a trip to Southwicks Zoo. It’s more like a farm than zoo where you can get up close and personal with the animals.

we walked right next to their deer in a walkway through a wooded area where you can feed and pet them and their little ones. these guys are pretty smart, they hang around the food dispenser and collect the crumbs that drop to the ground. feeding them was funny, their hot sticky tongues tickle when they lick your hand and they are so beautiful and gentle too. it was pretty cool being this close to them. Tommie loved the pet-place and being surrounded by baby goats and piglets. he loves animals and had no fear of petting them and even tried to pick some up.

we cycled the cape cod canal trail. a lovely flat cycle trail along the cape cod canal. the weather was perfect and the sea breeze kept us cool as we cycled. we were lucky enough to catch sight of some dolphins that entered the canal and we even got to cycle alongside them for bit. tommie loved this one because he had lots to watch from his bike seat. he pointed to the boats as they passed and was overjoyed to see the dolphins ( big fish ). even better is the fact that this trail ends at a beach so after our cycle we spent the afternoon on the sand.

the boys only left the water to eat and tommie stayed in his little pool for hours and investigated the little sea creatures on the shoreline. we stayed late, almost the last the leave. the work on the new house will just have to wait, especially while the sky is this blue.
hope your weekend was special too x

recently we grabbed a ferry to block island for some sea air. we brought along our bikes and cycled around. we walked the beaches….the boys enjoyed the ferry-ride….tommie made friends with an antique dolly he found in a thrift store….the boys skimmed stones…..we strolled through the quaint shops and galleries…… we enjoyed blue skies.

we love block island.

i decided to make the move from blogger to wordpress and i wish that i could say that it has been easy. even choosing a theme has been a struggle, believe it or not it has taken me almost one month to settle on this one. i know it can do lots of fancy things but i am very slowly figuring it all out so i am sure the look of the blog will change as i do just that. 

i had hoped that i would keep my blog address but it didn’t work out that way so i picked the first thing that came to mind, my three boys and me. i also decided to keep all of the old posts over on blogger so if you like you can still go back and look through them all.

okay so first post done ( always the hardest ). i have lots of pictures waiting to be uploaded so i will get to it. if you are still with me after all the changes, well, thank you.